"Gene Marshall Herself"
Repaint, wig, and costume
by Charles Josef of Petite Couture

Doll donated by Ashton Drake

When Gene Marshall received the
exclusive invitation to the annual
auction benefiting the fight against
breast cancer, she knew exactly
which designer to call.
  She needed a dress that would make
a bold, yet sophisticated,
statement so that people would
know at a glance where her heart was
regarding this important cause.

So she called Charles Josef,
someone she had trusted on many occasions for
just this sort of thing,
knowing that he would come through for her again.

He did not disappoint her.
  Sultry, chic and wonderfully fashionable,
Gene was the center of attention as she
stood up to speak before all those
gathered at this prestigious event.
  Every eye was upon her as she spoke of
people she knew, either personally or
from letters written to her, whose
lives are disrupted daily by the
insidious attack of breast cancer.
  She spoke of their families and friends
who endure the ordeal with them because
they love them and want them safe and well.
  And she spoke of the dollars needed to
advance research so that the ultimate goal
of a cure would be attainable.  When she
went back to her seat, a rousing ovation
accompanied her, and the donations to the
cause afterwards reflected the impact
of her words.

Gene's dedication to the fight against breast cancer
will make a difference. So will your donation.
  Please be generous.

One of a Kind Gene Doll by Charles Josef dressed in a black velvet
sheath with a stand up shawl collar of silk studded with Austrian
lead-crystal rhinestones.

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Photo's by Holly Miner

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