"Miss Mary Pickford"
by Ivy Perez

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake.

Gene Marshall plays an
academy award winning role
as Miss Mary Pickford.
Mary Pickford was a legend
of the silent screen during
the golden age of
Hollywood. Not only was she
an accomplished actress but
an astute businesswoman of
her time. Along with several
of her colleagues she founded
United Artists.

Ms. Marshall not only
portrayed Miss Pickford
through her child star years
but also into her adult life,
showing her incredible range
in this performance.
She now appears to receive the
Oscar for her 1947 film,
"Silent No More; The
Life of Miss Mary Pickford".
The costume she is wearing
was designed for her by
Carmen Perez and her jewelry
and repaint by Ivy Perez.
This costume consists of a
pink brocade gown along with
silver sparkled tulle to
exemplify the era in which
Miss Pickford starred.
This costume also represents
her ingenue or girl next door
image so popular with the fans
of her day.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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