"Jeanne d'Arc"
by John Sindone

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake.

Photo's and description will be available very soon! Thanks for your patience.

Jeanne (The Maid of Orleans)
was born in the town of Domremy in 1412,
one of 5 children to peasant farmers,
and remarkably from this humble
beginning became one of the most
outstanding women in history.

Her 'voices' led her to command an
army through insurmountable odds
against the English
ending victoriously with
the coronation of Charles VII the
rightful heir to the throne.
Jeanne was certainly a women ahead of
her time, And today a statue stands in
glorious tribute to her achievements
in the Place des Pyramides.

She has received the respect and
admiration of the world
and ultimately achieved sainthood
from the same establishment that
condemned her to death.
All armor is made of a buttery hand dyed
metallic silver and gunmetal leather.
Buckram was used for an "Armored" look
and all pieces are lined with a silver
metallic fabric.
The Breast plate, Arm armor with attached
metal, Leg armor with knee joint and
Gauntlet Gloves are held together with
metal mesh straps and hooks. The edges
are finished with a "Faux" lead which
was also used to create rivets.

Lush Italian chainmail fabric creates
a medieval undergarment consisting of
a long shirt, that forms a skirt, with
attached gloves and a pair of leggings.
Her Boots are also made of leather.
She carries a Shield and a Sword with
a Gold Hilt. Underneath her Helmet
she has "Short Cropped Hair" which
was necessary for her to pass as
a soldier.

I would like to thank Sally Walter for donating a shoe pak and M & J Trimming for their generosity.

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