"Career Girl"
By Marsha Olson of "The Right Hatmosphere"

Doll donated by Ashton Drake

Dedicated to working women everywhere, with love and concern
especially for those with health problems.

Having tasted independence outside their
homes during the war years, young women
went out into the work force as a matter
of course. "Career Girls," having been well
trained at secretarial schools or at the
local College of Commerce, eagerly pursued
work as executive secretaries or sought
advancement to department store buyers,
decorators, or illustrators. Fashion was
changing by the moment, and the new jersey
knit suits and dresses brought into vogue
by designer Coco Chanel fit into the working
girls budget. Not only neat and elegant, but
comfortable to spend a day in, the jersey
knit sweater dress was a must in every
girls wardrobe.

For the millions of working girls on the
job market, being able to buy their own clothes
became a symbol of their independence. Seen as
as luxury and an investment, a mink coat was
the career girl's dream!
"Incognito" has been redressed in a taupe
jersey knit dress with long sleeves
and a cowl neck collar. The wide belt
is genuine dark taupe leather with
dark taupe slip-on heels.

The stroller length autumn haze mink coat, hat, and muff are lined
in dark brown satin. Made completely by hand of recycled mink,
the set was donated by HLAYG club member Catherine Kehr.

Cloissonne and Swarovski crystal earrings by "Fine-Things"

Photo's by Holly Miner

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