"Holiday Majesty"
#3 of a limited edition of 25
by Mark Middendorf
Doll Purchased from from the
1998 'Classic Toys' Holiday edition and Donated by Pam Harbaugh

Gene let herself into her apartment
in New York, dusting the bits of snow
from her hair as she made her way to
the fireplace glowing brightly in the
darkened room. 
Kicking her shoes off and leaning
back into the overstuffed couch,
she savored the warmth and thought
about the success of the evening.
The endless round of holiday parties
could sometimes be tiresome, but this
one had been different.
A surprise party.  Held in her honor.
  For no particular reason except that
she had been away from home for many
months on her quest to make everyone
she met aware of the importance of
donating money to fund breast cancer
research.  Eyes closed, she felt the
contented smile come to her lips.
  She had such great friends.  She
wouldn't trade them for the world.
  And they were right, she had to admit.
  Gene was proud of her work. 
Her trek across the country had been
so successful for the cause that she
was planning to do it again next year.
  She, little Katie Marshall, could
make a difference!
One that really mattered.

The contentment deepened as she thought,
"Good job, Gene Marshall. One
person can make a difference." 
Indeed.  As can we all.

Story line written and donated by Linda Keenan

Photo's by Holly Miner

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