"Susan Hayward"
by Rebecca Boyles

"Iced Coffee" donated by Ashton Drake

Brooklyn born Susan Hayward was one of the Silver Screens most
popular actresses from the late 30s thru the early 70s.

With her red hair she was a box office
favorite of the early technicolor years.
She was well known for her Dramatic as
well as Comedic roles and received the
first of five Oscar nominations for
Best Actress in 1947 for
"Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman".
She finally won her Best Actress Oscar
for her portrayal of party girl
‘Barbara Graham’ in "I Want To Live".
From the 30s to the present, many a
young woman has found her a role-model
on the Silver Screen and in the
films of her time.

'Susan' represents one of our favorite
idols of the Silver Screen.

Some of her best roles include:

~Smash Up, The Story of a Woman~
~My Foolish Heart~
~I’d Climb the Highest Mountain~
~David and Bathsheba~
~The Lusty Men~
~With A Song In My Heart~
~Garden of Evil~
~I’ll Cry Tomorrow~
~I Want To Live~
~Valley of The Dolls~


Susan is wearing a two-piece evening suit such as she might
have worn to the Premiere of one of her movies.
It consists of a pink and gold brocade, fully lined jacket hand
embroidered in gold thread and pearls around the sweetheart
neckline and also the bodice of the sheath.
The sheath is also fully lined and may be reversed to give the
outfit a different look. At the center of the bodice is a jeweled
pin of pink beads and pearls. She wears gold evening sandals.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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