by Rebecca Boyles

"Incognito" donated by Ashton Drake

Eva Maria Duarte - Peron

Eva was an illegitimate child born
into a poor family in Los Toldos,
Argentina. She was never to forget
her humble beginnings.

In 1933 she was given a small part
in a school play and a glimpse of
her future as an Actress. At the age
of 15 she ran away to Buenos Aires
to fulfill this dream.
She was a real-life Cinderella
meeting her Prince Charming,
Colonel Juan Domingo Peron in
January of 1944 and marrying
in 1945.

Eva was very active in Peronís rise
to power and on June 4th, 1946
Juan Peron became President of
Argentina and Eva at the age of 28
was world famous and as the
First Lady, the most powerful woman
in Argentina.
Not long after he came to power in 1947,
she got congress to pass a bill giving
Argentinian women the right to vote.

In June of 1947 she made her famous
European Tour stopping at some
of the best Fashion houses of Europe.
Many critics blasted her for
her extravagance,
but it was her way of saying to the
people, "I was once like you,
but look at me now,
you too can be like me."
She always remembered her childhood
and the poverty surrounding her as she grew up.

She felt charity was never the answer
but economic growth was.
She was to start a foundation that
was to earn her the title of
"Patron Saint of the Poor"
and their "Lady of Hope"

She died on July 26, 1952 of Uterine Cancer.

Her will donated all her many furs, jewels and clothes to her
Foundation to help the poor. To this day they have not forgotten
what she has done for them.

They will always remember "Evita".


Evita's hair has been caught into a black net snood drawing it back
into her signature blond chignon. The dress is similar to one she
might have found on her Grand Tour to Europe.
It is a two-piece length evening gown cut to form a train in the
back. It is black satin trimmed in gold piping, with a gold floral
corsage at the bodice. It also includes full length satin mitts,
black heels, net stole, black and gold earrings, necklace and
bracelet, and a black net "cancan" petticoat.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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