"Sweater Girl"
by Terri Torbeck

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake
Brows have been repainted.

The luncheon had been planned for
months to honor those who had worked
so hard and well for the cause of
breast cancer research.
  When Gene Marshall arrived looking
so stylish in her snappy outfit
with the white sweater and the black
skirt in stark contrast, people
turned to stare with appreciative
  They turned to their partners and
whispered, "That's Gene Marshall...
looking absolutely gorgeous again!"
Gene, overhearing some of their remarks,
turned to cast a smile, her eyes kind
and friendly.  She made sure that she
caught their eyes with hers, wanting
to be sure to leave the impression
that she was quite approachable
in a time when so many movie
stars appeared out of reach.

When the luncheon was over, and the
various speeches had been made, she
was happy to stay behind and sign
autographs for those who wanted them. 
Her fans were elated when she offered
to stay and sit with them for awhile.
When she left some time later after
donning her wonderful mohair coat, the
question that followed her out the door
was, "Isn't that Miss Marshall a
classy lady?"  As she turned to throw
a casual departing wave before getting
into her car, they turned to look at
each other  again and smile.

The sweater is white cotton cable knit with a turtle neck collar.
The skirt is a delicious wool/silk blend charcoal tweed.
The most wonderful item is the  coat.  It is 3/4 length swing style,
 made of a shaggy 100 percent rayon mohair.
(It is such fun, and the pictures don't do it justice.)
Hand made accessories include purse, shoes, snood, earrings and necklace (necklace is not pictured).


Your donation to breast cancer research is so important.
  Imagine the smiles on the faces of those you will help
as you bid on this wonderful doll.

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Terri Torbeck is the Editor/Coalition/Liaison person for the Breast Cancer Auction 2000. Many thanks Terri, for all your hard work.

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