"The Bride"
By Alana Bennet

Doll donated by Ashton Drake

When Gene Marshall was asked to model
the feature wedding ensemble in Alana
Bennet's exclusive fashion extravaganza,
she jumped at the chance.

  Not normally a model since her expertise
was in films and on stage, she
nonetheless accepted because she knew
that part of the proceeds from the
auction following the show would be
donated to the fight against breast
cancer.   And it was no secret that
her presence there would boost
attendance substantially.
Gene looked quite radiant as she walked
briskly down the runway, making
smiling eye contact with the buyers
as she twirled in front of them, and
Alana took many orders after Gene's
appearance. The plan was to auction the
gowns modeled during the show to the
highest bidder.  The gown Gene wore was
the last one being auctioned, and to
this point, it had gone very well.
When she stepped out into the lights
once again, someone from the back of
the room yelled out,
"Ten thousand dollars!"
  Trying to see through the glare of
the lights who had made such a high
opening bid, she was startled to hear
someone shout from her right,
"Fifteen thousand dollars!"
  Before she knew it, the bidding had
gone to over forty thousand dollars!

When the high bidder was asked why
he had gone so high, he said that
aside from the dress (and the model)
being very beautiful, he truly
believed in the cause he so generously
supported.  He hoped that this would
get the message out ...that it was
time to find a cure for breast cancer
once and for all!

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Photo's by Holly Miner

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