"Great Women in History"
Breast Cancer Auction 2000

Artist's Guidelines:

1. All dolls MUST have removable clothing and be One of a Kind.

2. If you would like to work with a jewelry designer to accessorize your entry, the designer may be of your choosing. (Please contact me and let me know who the designer is so proper credit may be given on the auction website).

3. The original outfit from the doll will be shipped along with the doll to the winner of the auction. This is an auction for DOLLS only.

4. Please email me of call me (414-691-9767) regarding how you would like your credits printed on the Breast Cancer Auction website by October 31, 1999.

5. All dolls must be completed and shipped by December 31, 1999 to Holly Miner. Holly will be photographing all the auction dolls and shipping the auctioned dolls to their new owners.

Holly Miner
929 East Grant Place
San Mateo, California 94402-1817

6. Ashton Drake has graciously donated 30 dolls to the auction with the request that these dolls not be repainted. We have received donations from various other retailers and these dolls will be shipped to those who would like to have their auction doll repainted. Please contact me no later than October 31, 1999 to let me know who repainted your doll and their information as they would like it to appear on the official website.

7. Once you have received your doll, please contact me and let me know that she has arrived.

8. The theme for this auction is "Great Women in History", but is not limited to this. Remember that all women are great! I realize some of you may have the some woman in mind to recreate, but each interpretation will speak for itself.

9. If we have extra dolls available after the initial mailing, let me know if you would be interested in working on another doll and I will send out another to you.

Fil Graham will be listing the dolls on ebay in February.
The dolls will be on the website for the month of January for viewing.
The proceeds of the auction will be donated to: The National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Please feel free to contact:
Fil Graham Earlfil@aol.com
Holly Miner HollyMiner@aol.com or
Robbin Runtas runtas@execpc.com
with any concerns you may have.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to participate in this wonderful cause! We wish you all the best, and look forward to a wonderful auction!

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