"Edith Head"
Repaint and Costume
By Bobby Taylor of "TaylorMade Dolls"
doll donated by Laurel Daugherty Green

Edith Head
Taylor/Made Dolls

This auction presentation consists of the following: One-of-kind Gene doll as "Edith Head."
She has been given a wonderful new facial paint by Taylor/Made, capturing Edith's own unique look. Her dark hair is worn in a simple bun at the nape of the neck. Of course she always wears her signature bangs!
Never one to "out-shine" the stars she was dressing, Edith herself has chosen a simple charcoal grey two piece business suit for her day at the design offices of Paramount Pictures.
A square shouldered fitted jacket with front, three button snap closure is worn over a simple sleeveless white satin blouse with lace neckline. The jacket itself also has a front, two pocket flap detail. Her matching separate skirt has back snap closure and a rear kick pleat. Dark hose and black suede sling-back pumps complete the look.
Edith has complimented the ensemble by adding a stylish broach to her blouse, and wears a simple silver and "diamond" ring on her right hand. Of course the final touch, are her round green tinted glasses.
Also included in this set are, from Edith's own office, the gold flecked plexi-glass table where she proudly displays her 8 Academy Awards, as well as a display mannequin of a current design in progress!
Additionally, an "Edith Head" presentation booklet specially designed and donated by graphic artist Jim Sturgeon.
As an extra bonus, "Edith Head" comes with her own 11 x 14 fashion sketch donated by noted fashion illustrator Miki!
In tribute to her enduring legacy and talent, Taylor/Made Dolls celebrates "Edith Head," truly "A Great Woman in History!"

These photo's by Holly Miner

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