"From The Heart"
by Carol Peters

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake.

This doll is dedicated to women who have volunteered many hours of time and their abilities to the monumental or the smallest of causes. In the war years, women supported the action by rolling bandages and knitting socks to aiding in the underground. Today women are in the work force but they are still spending hours in the hospitals, children's clubs, schools, fund raisers, church activities, humanitarian services, and on and on. So many charities could not exist without their labors of love.

Gene Marshall attends a reception
at one of Hollywood's most elegant
restaurants. She is honored with a
humanitarian award for her generous
and courageous USO tour to the front
lines, for the film shorts encouraging
united Americans to buy bonds and
grow those Victory Gardens.
All these things were well known by
those attending, but the Mayor also
wanted to award her for the many
quite hours at the children's
hospital, her niece's school,
the intercity teen club, the
geriatric homes, and the numerous
committee meetings of various
The latest charity being the
very successful Breast Cancer
Awareness Charity Ball where
the largest donation yet was
received for research and care.
Gene's sincere acceptance was
"Volunteering is something we
do 'from the heart'. We don't
do it for awards or certificates,
but we receive a warmth within
that far exceeds any of that."

The suit is a beige cotton blend with a tiny white design and
tiny, pink, flower-shaped, bead buttons, pink chiffon scarf,
and pink flowers and ribbon on the hat that is made of the same
suit fabric with a pink crown of the same suit lining, light weight
taffeta.  The gloves and purse are white and the shoes are white
and pink spectators. The synthetic fur stole is white. It is narrow
and drapes over shoulder or arm and has two tails at each end.
She wears her BCA ribbon.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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