"Charity Ball"
by Carol Peters

The doll is a 'Red Venus' donated by Ashton Drake.

Dedicated to all the women in history
that have had breast cancer.
To those who have worked for the cure
either in the lab or in the fund
raising meetings. To those women who
have walked the hospital rounds as
caring angels and loving councellors.
This simple pale pink strapless gown
makes a statement when Gene adds a darker
pink satin Breast Cancer Awareness 'ribbon'
that loops around behind her neck, crosses
at her waist and falls to the floor length
hem. A rose at the waist is the only ornament
needed. She carries a pink basket around
the ballroom floor, handing out little pink
'Breast Cancer Awareness'
ribbons to all her friends and generous supporters
of the Breast Cancer fund raising cause.

This outfit includes pink lace tap panties, a full length pink net slip trimmed with pink ribbon, and twinkling pink shoes.  The original glamorous Red Venus gown is also included.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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