"Springtime Romance"
By Carol Webster

Doll donated by ~Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears~

Gene Marshall in
A Light Hearted Comedy Of Errors!

A fresh spring morning, a secluded lakeside
picnic and a soft gentle breeze provide
the elements necessary
for a romantic encounter in the country.

Picking her up at ten that morning,
Gene Marshall's handsome date for the
day is utterly enchanted when he catches
sight of her and greatly anticipates the
coming day. 
He is not disappointed as she
coyly engages him in playful conversation,
and even sings a medley of songs to him
as they walk along the shaded paths near
the lake.  When he absconds with her hat
in an effort to tease her, he is dismayed
when it is whisked out of his hand by
a wayward breeze and deposited in the middle
of the lake.  Imagine his relief when he hears
Gene's amused laughter
singing through the trees!

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Photo's by Holly Miner

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