"Summer Queen"
By Evgenia Seagall

a doll was donated by Gigi's

This fantastic outfit was made for 15.5" Gene doll not as a fashion
doll, but as an art doll.
This costume was inspired by theatrical costumes from
"Russian Seasons in Paris"
the operas and ballets on the European stages in 1908-1929.

Many famous artists had participated in creation of these
productions, started from Alexander Benois and Leo Bakst to
Pablo Picasso.

Gene in costume as 'Summer Queen" is as if she appears on a
ballet stage.  Two 'pages' accompany her.

Since all the personages look so similar to flowers,
even butterflies land on their hats.

Costumes "Summer Queen" and her pages were made in one style
and coloration, and made almost from the same fabrics.
It's look-a-like theatrical costumes struck a curious compromise
between traditional forms and caprices of fashion.

  All costumes and accessories are one of a kind,
made from natural silks, cloth, ribbons, golden metallic net,
feather's plume and beads.
Pages are about 9" tall, individually hand sculpted from paper-clay
and armitured with wire and painted with acrylic.

This composition has appeared at the Annual Gene Convention 1998 in
New Jersey, and was awarded a first prize at the 1999 Santa Fe Doll
Art symposium of excellence.  The composition was donated to the
HLAYG Breast Cancer Auction 2000.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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