"Charity Gala"
By George Sarofeen

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake.

While trying to come up with a famous woman in history, I thought of many names, but then the images of my mother and grandmothers, their mothers, my sisters and my aunts came to mind. They were the famous women in MY history.
How, I thought, could I honor all women in history, for they are all special and famous to someone. Charity Gala came from this basis to creation.
  Gene is dressed in a gown which has elements of different eras of cuts from different decades of the 20th Century.  The bodice is black taffeta and is reminiscent of a bodice popular in the early 1990s, The 7 gore skirt of the gown, made from a "faux beaded" off white poly satin, is created from a pattern of a trumpet skirt popular in the 1910s, while the separate over skirt of black, silk taffeta captures the feeling of the sweeping skirts of the 1950s and the 1980s.  The belt of the overskirt is made from Fortuny pleated satin which was popular in the first decade of this century and in the late 1970s.  Gene's jewelry is made of black, smoke, and aurora Swarovski crystals.  The necklace has a black jet pendant which is echoed by the matching brooch adorning the closure of the belt of the overskirt.  Her earrings are a drop rhinestones set in "gold." Gene wears black matte satin opera length gloves.
  Showing her support of her sisters who are facing the realities of their battle their breast cancer, Gene proudly wears her pink ribbon which is accented with a crystal mirror.
Her shoes are black velvet sling pumps accented with rhinestones.

George Sarofeen

She had been invited several weeks ago
to this austere event and now that the
evening was finally getting under way,
Gene Marshall still couldn't believe it.
She was being recognized for her
tireless work in raising funds for
on-going research to find the cause
of breast cancer so that a cure
could be developed.
She had traveled across the country,
urging people from all walks of life
to support the cause with any dollar
they could spare, and the response
had been phenominal.
The thousand dollar a plate benefit
dinner had been amazing ...so many
courses she had lost count, but now
it was time for the ceremony. As the
President of the United States got
up to speak, here in the East Room
of the White House, Gene held her
breath as in glowing terms she related
stories of Gene's selfless devotion.
And as she got up to give her thank-you
speech, she knew that the only way it
could be better than this, was if the
disease itself could finally be eradicated.

"Breast cancer," she said, "should have
no place in our future. Working together,
we WILL find a cure!"

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Photo's by Holly Miner

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