"Darling Buds of May"
Repaint and Outfit by Gillian Simpson
Jewelry by Robbin Runtas of "Fine-Things"

The doll was donated by Bear Bottom Toys.

Photo's by Holly Miner will be up soon. Thank you for your patience.

This repainted "She'd Rather Dance" has lovely clear green eyes
and rose colored lips and nails.

Calm, sophisticated and elegant, Gene regally walked to the podium, back straight, head held high. She reminded the people watching her of a breath of spring in her beautiful formal gown swishing softly in time to her steps. As she briefly scanned the crowd seated before her, she noted that there were many celebrities here...all connected in some wayto the fight against breast cancer.
She was here to present a check to the spokesperson for the National Breast Cancer Coalition, a grassroots group that was formed with one mission in mind ...
to eradicate breast cancer through action and advocacy. In her speech, Gene mentioned to those gathered that this
group's focus was on three things:

Research ...focusing on prevention
and finding a cure.

Access ...increasing access to high quality treatment, care and clinical trials.

Influence ...increasing the influence of women who are living with breast cancer and breast cancer activists in the decision-making that impacts all
issues surrounding breast cancer.

She went on to say that this worthy group had made its mark by
increasing federal appropriations for research sixfold and then she
listed many of the things they had accomplished in the time since they
were founded. The check Gene proudly presented was for an unprecedented
amount of money, and it gave her great pride to be the one chosen to
bestow this gift today.

The gown is made of pale grey pure silk charmeuse.
  The strapless, fitted bodice is entirely covered
with vintage 50's flower-shaped iridescent sequins.
  It has a full skirt, and the hem is also embellished
with a deep band of individualy hand sewn sequins.
  Peach opera length gloves, shoes, a peach tulle petticoat,
and peach and "diamond" jewelry from "Fine Things"
completes the outfit.

Factual information for this story was taken from National Breast Cancer Coalition's website at http://www.natlbcc.org/homeindx.asp Please take time to visit today.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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