"Golden Girl"
Repaint and Costume by Helen Skinner
of "Monty's Creations"

doll donated by Dolls Gifts & More

This 24 karat lady is ready for a fabulous evening.
Her shimmering gold lame gown is accented at the
gathered waist by a faux gem. The leopard print velvet
stole is trimmed with a black beaded fringe.
Gold shoes and jewelry complete her ensemble
and even her makeup has shimmering gold highlights.

The original 'Destiny' outfit and gloves are included with this one of a kind makeover.

World renowned actress, Miss Gene Marshall,
made the cover of  the prestigious "Hollywood"
magazine after being spotted emerging from her
limousine in this beautiful 24 karat outfit
of stunning elegance.  She had just come from
accepting the Best Actress Award for her
impeccable work in "Personal Secretary."

Hoping to catch a glimpse of her after her
victory, a crowd of adoring fans gathered
outside the exclusive hotel where a
celebration party was being held in her honor.
  The article states that she was met with
approving stares at every turn as she smiled
gaily at the crowd, flashbulbs popping
from every direction.
  And its no wonder!

Dressed in shimmering gold from head to toe,
our "Golden Girl" looks the part of a
winner, as indeed she has proven to be!

Every cent collected for Breast Cancer
research takes us one step closer
to every person in the world being
a winner!

More pictures can be seen at Helen Skinner's site:
"Monty's Creations"

The story line was written and donated by Linda Keenan!


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