Repaint and Costume By
Helen Skinner of "Monty's Creations"

Doll donated by Dolls Gifts & More

Victorian elegance at its very best!

Ah, lilac and black lace. 
How beautiful Gene Marshall looks
as she plays the part of "Francine"
in her latest movie, "Episode in Paris".
A passionate tale of love and betrayal
which takes place during a time of
Victorian innocence.

In this scene, Francine goes to the
Charity Ball where she makes quite a
splash in her gown with daintily
pleated hem and lovely, intricately
beaded stole.

As she draws the eye of every man in the room
with her vibrant, elegant appearance,
many women in the room are seen
nudging their escorts to demand that
they bring their attention back
to where it belongs!

This one of a kind 'Love Paris' makeover is adorned with the finest,
vintage material. Over two thousand vintage glass beads form a
floral design on her fringed stole. Matching beaded flowers adorn
each side of her elegantly braided coiffure. Her empire waist
evening gown has a pleated hem beneath a black vintage lace accent.
Fine Swarovski crystal jewelry, long black gloves and a matching
purse completes the ensemble.

The original 'Love Paris' outfit is included with this set.

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Background graphics supplied by

Photo's by Holly Miner

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