"Ginger Rogers"
By Linda Payne Sylvester of Reflected Light Designs

The only facial painting was the addition of Ginger's trademark mole.

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake.

Gene as Ginger Rogers in "Double Time"

In this sequel to the better known
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
movie, 'Swing Time', Ginger (Gene)
 plays Sally Morgan, a hoofer on a
vacation cruise. Fred plays Dick
Travers, a song and dance man
employed on the cruise to entertain
the guests. Dick and Sally's paths
literally collide after his singing
performance at the night club and
insults follow. The next day Dick is
giving dance instruction to some of
the guests and spots Sally whom he's
taken a fancy to regardless of her
abrasive behavior the night before.
He decides to pose as Don Travers, a
dancing twin to see if he can make a
better impression. Sally, being a
dancer, demonstrates to the class
some of her own steps and she and
'Don' hit it off immediately, dancing to
the delight of the other guests. Comic
episodes keep Fred on his toes
alternating between Don and Dick.
'Don' falls in love with Sally but Sally
unfortunately and inexplicably falls
for 'Dick'. A double dose of unrequited
love follows until Don and Dick have
to face up to the deception.
This gown is the dance gown that Ginger
(Gene) as Sally wears during the romantic
evening when they dance in the moonlight,
declare their love. Dick reveals himself,
Sally feels duped, they reconcile, and
finally have a happy ending.

The outfit includes a purse, long gloves,
and silver crocheted snood in which clear beads
have been stitched, and silver shoes and stockings.
The back straps and bracelet are clear beads;
the earrings and some of the beading on the bodice are crystal.
The sleeves are a grey silvery organza;
the dress and drape fabric is grey with a silvery
embossed floral pattern.

Artist Profile

I've been collecting Gene for about three years; Gene inspired me to
resume doll fashion designing which I did seriously as a kid
although never became a fashion designer like I thought I would.
Instead, I'm a photographer and a graphic designer and my website is
Reflected Light Designs where I market my Gene related
photography such as Gene greeting cards, Gene's portfolios, etc.
as well as show some of my fashions.

Linda Payne Sylvester

Photo's by Holly Miner

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