"Millennium 2001"
Clothing, Jewelry, and Hair By Susan Rethoret
doll donated by Ashton Drake

Gene accepts an invitation to the New Year's Eve Millennium Gala on December 31, 2000.
Knowing that the world is again watching for the true entry
into the next century - she wears a stunning outfit
created especially for her by one of the leading new fashion designers.
Gene arrives in a beautiful cobalt blue cotton velvet
sleeveless sheath dress. Her overskirt of gold lame,
with in a star pattern,
sparkles and shines.
With a matching purse, lined in blue velvet,
she is stunning.
As the clock turns toward the midnight hour,
Gene stands up to address the croud,
her earrings and necklace sparkle in the light.
Such a beauty to behold - as she embraces the next century.

Photo's by Holly Miner

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