By Roxanne Maxwell Holloway

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake.

Who better to capture the spirit of
courage and compassion in the face
of adversity than Eva Peron,
Argentina's angel to the masses in
the late 40's and early 50's?

  Bringing about social reform through
the office of her husband, Juan Peron,
she so lovingly bettered the standards
of working and living conditions there
that she is thought of as a saint in
that country.
When she was diagnosed with cancer in
her early 30's, she refused to let
it  slow her down.  Keeping up a
rigorous schedule until scant months
before her death in 1952, her husband
sometimes held her up when her
strength ebbed so that she could speak
to the people of Argentina about
the issues so important to her and to
When she died in July of that
year at the age of only 33, the nation
completely stopped in order to mourn
her passing. They mourn her still.
Many vibrant lives are cut short due
to cancers for which we have no
cure.  Breast cancer is one of them.
  Only with generous donations
devoted to research can we finally
find the key to stop the advance of
these debilitating diseases.

Evita's costume is designed to capture a feeling of the statis
of "Royalty" that she achieved. It is a combination of
sophisticated lady, glamourous entertainer, and her queenly demeanor.
The dress is made of sheer black silk organza embroidered with
metallic gold, and fine metallic gold mesh.
It is beaded with glass beads, Austrian rhinestones, and vintage
Austrian crystals.
It is fully lined in gold tissue lame.
A rhinestone trimmed gold ribbon is included that can be used to
tie her right leg to the stand so she can show off those black
stockings with her left leg, but the jeweled ribbon can also be
tied around her wrist or neck or put in her hair.

The story line was written and donated by author Linda Keenan!

Photo's by Holly Miner

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