"China Moon"
By Michael Scott

Doll donated by Ashton Drake

This ensemble is made of a golden material with an oriental
design woven into the fabric. It consists of a two piece
sheath dress with a bodice which has a rolled down edge.
The simple wrap skirt gives a regal look to the gown.
A multi-strand twisted beaded belt adorns the waist. Gold,
coral and green beads trail from the belt with larger
Austrian crystal beads and gold disks for accents.

Jewelry consists of triple loop earrings,
necklace, and bracelet all of
gold, coral and green beads.

This former Red Venus has a very unusual
hairstyle. It has been restyled with
large twists and curls accented with
jewelry to match the outfit.

The kimono style coat fans out in the back.
A pleat in the back of the coat is
accented with more beads. The
traditional sleeve adds more style
with large turn back cuffs.

The shoes are beaded across the toe
in a combination of the green and
coral beads with an offset side
strap that wraps around the ankle.

The fan style hat is accented with
arched pieces that are threaded
with beads and small dangles
on the end of each arch.

Accessories include a small clutch bag with jewel accents
and long dark gold gloves.

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