"Queen Marie of Romania"
by Susan Payne

The doll was donated by Ashton Drake

Queen Marie of Romania was known as the
modern Queen. She personally fought for
Romania to regain it's lands following
World War I. She deeply loved her
countrymen and country. Queen Marie
also helped to reestablish many forms
of art in her country. She personally
commissioned beautiful hand carved
furniture, paintings and  jewelry.
Many of her personal pieces are now
housed at the Maryhill Museum in
Washington state.
This Gene has been repainted and rewigged
by remake artist Megin Brooks. The jewels
and tiara she wears were graciously
donated by Ron's Rhinestones.
The costume we chose for this auction
is inspired by the fabulous gown
Queen Marie wore to the coronations
of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and
King Edward VII of England.
  (Back view shown) 
This gown is made of silk brocade with
a chrysanthymum pattern. It has been
accented with hundreds of hand
applied Swarovski crystals. The lace
ruffle at the shoulders is imported
maline lace.
  A crinoline and gloves are also included.
Includes the gown, crinoline, necklace,
earrings, tiara, gloves and
repainted doll.

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