Mata Hari
Repaint, Costume, and Jewelry
By Trish Hurley of SewcuteDesigns
doll donated by Aimee Cornett

Mata Hari was a brown eyed dark haired Swede.
She was shot by a french firing squad for
spying on France during WWI.
{or so they said...but there was never
any proof.}
She was a very innovative dancer,
who became very well known
for her semi nude dancing.
She was almost always supported by a
lover, after her marriage to a Scotsman
15 yrs her senior ended in divorce.
I found her story to be interesting,
differently showing what a women was
able to do in the days when men ruled,
and women were not allowed freedom
to do or be.
She stood out among many women
of the early years of this century,
as a women who took the road less
traveled by, and succeeded
for a time in her quest
for freedom of expression.

What better woman to choose
as a strong representative
of the on-going quest for freedom
and a better life!

Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and freedom
to live a healthy life!

Photo's by Holly Miner

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