"Eva Perone"
By Vince Nowell
doll donated by Ashton Drake

Eva Peron
Circa 1959

Long before a celebrated composer
wrote a musical about Eva Peron,
  an American pop diva portrayed her
on the Silver Screen in the late
nineties, Gene Marshall portrayed
the Argentinean legend in a biopic
that the Monolith Studios released
in 1959.

Gene had wanted this role from the
first moment she heard the movie
was being produced. Upon hearing
about the rumor buzzing around
the studio that Eric Von Sternberg
would be producing the epic film,
Gene ran over to his office and
burst in! "Darling", she exclaimed,
"I have to play this role!!
You couldn't even begin to consider
another actress, could you??"
Mr. Von Sternberg smiled up at
Gene, fondly remembering the
young girl he brought to Hollywood
in 1941. She had come a long way
since then! "Gene, the part is yours.
I always had you in mind for this!",
he reassured her! Gene hugged her
mentor warmly. He had always been
the father figure for her away
from home these years, and had
taken good care of her.

Gene threw herself into this role like no other. She studied newsreels of Eva Peron to perfect her mannerisms and speech patterns. She read magazine articles and biographies. Everything had to be perfect. The crowning touch was working with her designer on the wardrobe for the film, and that proved to be flawless.In the scene where Eva first meets Peron, Gene is seen in a sweeping ball gown of dark bronze taffeta with a striking black lace overlay. Gene's naturally blonde hair was perfect for this role, and it was swept into the famous chignon style Eva often wore. Around her shoulder was a mink stole, and she wore jewels of jet ebony and diamonds.

Years later, it was told among circles in Hollywood that the singer/actress playing Eva in the nineties film was overheard saying: "I can only hope I can begin to pay justice to Miss Marshall's performance". It was good, but there will never be another Gene Marshall!

One of a kind
created by Ashton Drake designer Vince Nowell
for the Breast Cancer Auction 2000
sponsered by "Here's Looking at You, Gene" Club

Vince Nowell

Photo's by Holly Miner

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