"Here's Looking At You, Gene"
International Fan Club

is proud to present

"Breast Cancer Auction 2000"

October 1998 marked the first Breast Cancer Auction, and the beginning of our campaign in the fight against breast cancer!
We are once again proud sponsors of this prestigious event.

The 1998 Breast Cancer Auction raised more than $20,000 through
the auction of customized dolls, fashions, and accessories for
15 1/2" fashion dolls.
Proceeds of the 1998 auction were recently presented to the
American Cancer Society
by award-winning artist Mel Odom,
designer of the 15 1/2" fashion doll "Gene Marshall"
and "The Gene Marshall Collection".

This year, "Breast Cancer Auction 2000"
is proud to be working in association with
the National Breast Cancer Coalition!
Terri Torbeck is our liaison person for the NBCC.
The National Breast Cancer Coalition is a grassroots advocacy effort in the fight against breast cancer. In 1991, the Coalition was formed with one mission, to eradicate breast cancer through action and advocacy.

Robbin Runtas, President and founder of HLAYG International Fan Club, and Chairperson
of 'Breast Cancer Auction 2000';
Pam Harbaugh finacial advisor.
Holly Miner, auction photographer for those who need her services;
Linda Keenan graciously donated her writing abilities to enhance
the doll biographies, the members of the HLAYG Club, doll fashion designers, repaint artists, retailers and individuals, have donated their time, talents, and the 15 1/2" fashion dolls to make this auction even more successful than the first!

Our dedication to this worthy cause leads us ever onward!

Once again, in February 2000, eBay Auctions will host the "Breast Cancer Auction 2000".

The theme for "Breast Cancer Auction 2000" is
"Great Women of History"!

~Sponsors and Donations~

~Artists and their Creations~

~Links to other Breast Cancer Awareness Sites~

The auction will begin on February 6, 2000!

The ebay ID is BCA*2000

On February 15 "Doll Reader Magazine" will feature the Breast Cancer Auction in the March issue of the magazine in the "Out and About" section.

On February 15 "Dolls Magazine" (March/April issue) will be featuring an article about doll collecting clubs and "HLAYG" will be featured as one of the clubs!

In the February issue of "Dolls Magazine" our Press Release for the Breast Cancer Auction is also featured!


Our Heartfelt Thanks!

"The members of the Auction Committee would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all the participants in "Great Women in History" Breast Cancer Auction 2000!  The donations that we received from our generous sponsors, talented fashion designers, repaint artists and accessorizes is what has made this event a success!
  The time and talent displayed in these works of art is shared with all of you.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all of you in your support to find a cure for this devastating disease that affects all of us in one way or another.

Sincere thanks from:
Terri Torbeck, liaison with The National Breast Cancer Coalition
Holly Miner, "auction photographer"
Marsha Olson auction webmaster
Linda Keenan, text editor
Pam Harbaugh, financial
Robbin Runtas, BCAuction 2000 Coordinator

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Join the fight against breast cancer!

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